3 Sea Creatures To Look Out For This Season And What You Can Learn From Them

  1. Starfish


Usually on the sandy bottom of the ocean, starfish they can be easily spotted on a sandbar during low tideOnce the water is lower, beachgoers are able to walk out farther into the sea where the starfish lie. They are most popular on the coasts of Sanibel Islandbut do exist in many other areas. If you see any make sure to appreciate this unique animal- they have the ability to regenerate! Although humans may never be able to do this, they can still remember to be resilient. In the face of stress, remember to stand strong because this too, shall pass.

2. Stingrays


Between the months of April and October, stingrays can be spotted along a few southern beach coasts. Like starfish, they too burry themselves in the sand. However, if you pay attention, you just might see one gliding across the sea floor. Either way, make sure to do the stingray shuffle. By shuffling your feet across the sand, you won’t risk stepping on one! These graceful animals are not naturally inclined to attack, but they could be dangerous if they feel threatened. For this reason, humans can learn how to stay level headed. Instead of lashing out, evaluate the situation first.

3. Dolphins


As one of nature’s most playful animals, dolphins are especially exciting to watch.  They can be seen at the surface when they need to get air or swimming through boat wakes to fave some fun. They also hang out in pods, so if one is seen, there will usually be more. They’re just social creatures! In this way, humans can learn to work together. Just like a group of dolphins, people can start sticking together. After all, life will feel more balanced when a person has steady friends.


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