How To Deal With Going Out This Weekend When You Would Rather Be On The Coast

Two friends, Sadie Perry, right, and me, left, smiling offshore.

Happy Friday, islanders! Although most have spent this whole week waiting to catch a break, some dread making weekend plans. However, going out does not always have to be stressful and if you follow these tips, you’ll see why.

  1. Plan to wear clothes you can move in

If you’re still bummed about not wearing your bikini, look for a regular outfit that you would consider just as comfortable. Instead of skin-tight jeans, opt for a pair of beach pants . They may sound casual, but you can dress them up with your favorite jewelry pieces to make a statement. If dresses are more your style, try wearing one that’s considered “midi” length. They’re not too short, but still cute enough to wear around town. Either way, as long as you wear clothes that you can move in, you’ll feel just as free as you do at the beach.

2. Go all-natural

Doing your hair does not have to be a tedious process! Even without the trusted salty air to style it, there’s still a way to feel confident and have a good time in your natural hair. You can even buy a salt spray to make sure it stays texturized. This weekend, instead of anxiously reaching for the flat iron, wet your hair and use wave or curling products to complete your look. After styling it, use a diffuser or kick back and let your hair air-dry. It will look great, and you’ll actually be ready in time for your dinner reservations.

3. Branch out

Even if dolphins are known as one of the most social animals in the kingdom, humans come in as a close second. If you’re looking for the same kind of excitement you feel when jumping through the waves, gather up an even larger swell of people instead. Plan something new and go for it as a team! In a larger crowd, people are more likely to laugh and have fun. With the right group of friends, you won’t be bored– or wishing you stayed home– at all.

4. Relax

Not every night is going to be the best night of your life. Even if you believe the beach will never let you down, chances are, it has rained at least once while you were on shore.The truth is, things don’t always go as planned. Learn to roll with it! Don’t agonize over a long wait in line at the movie theater. Make the moment a good one and reap the benefits of having time to kill, and nowhere to go. While in line, talk to the people you are with about what scene you’re most excited to watch or laugh about how many snacks you wish you could have snuck in. If a perfectly organized plan fell though, take this new free time to breathe instead. No matter what, appreciate these breaks in disguise to really feel as calm as the bay.

5. Be thankful

If you’re still dreading a weekend around town, comfort yourself with the fact that you won’t be covered in sand once you get home. Breadcrumbs from dinner can be easily wiped off compared to the dunes. Be happy that you won’t have to take a shower when you get home and can immediately get back in bed. Either way, if that’s really where you rather be when you’re not at sea, you’ll still have your night out to thank for such a swift return.


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