What Kind Of Beach Bum You Are Based On The Smoothie You Drink

Family sharing a pineapple smoothie in Oahu, Hawaii.

1.Strawberry and Banna Mix

Just like this timeless smoothie, you are the traditional beachgoer.  You bring all the basics- including two sets of sunscreens- and can’t wait to toss the frisbee around with your family. You all left the house at the perfect time of 8:00 a.m. with a cooler full of Propel and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Once you arrive, you put on your chic fedora, grab your classic beach bag, and pick the perfect spot to set things up on shore. You will spend the day doing a little bit of everything a good beach bum does. You’ll start off with a tan, go for a swim, have some lunch, play a game of catch, rinse off again, and will be packing up and ready to check-in to the typical beach resort room you rented for the night by 1:00 p.m.

2. Green Goddess

Your personality is as green as this drink. As a down to earth human, you are the friendly beachgoer. You would smile at other beach bums, but you are probably going to a secluded beach instead. You like to kick back in your own space so you can listen to the waves. At some point, you will go for a peaceful walk along the shore and search for shells to add to your collection at home. If you get too hot, you will step into the water and float in the sea. You might even say hi to the fishes! The beach is your place to relax, and you have all the essentials to help calm you down, including your eco-friendly towel, reusable container-ed snacks, and favorite books.

3. Mango Mix

Naturally, all mango drinkers are as unique as the fruit. You are the exciting beachgoer. When you go to the coast, it is never just to tan! You brought your snorkel gear, sand castle pails, and everything in between. You can’t wait to search the tide pools for mysterious sea creatures and always swim out to the sandbar, no matter how far it is. You are not afraid of sharks and actively look for their teeth on the shore. You might even bring your own speaker to blast your favorite tunes and start a beach party! Either way, you are always prepared and have the most adventurous beach trips.

4. Peanut Butter and Banna (With or Without Chocolate)

If you are carrying a drink this packed with protein, you will definitely be on the move all day. You are the active beachgoer. You brought your whole team of friends and you all are ready to go!You wear a casual baseball cap and carry a small cooler that is only filled with the necessities. Your main focus is staying on your feet! If you didn’t spend the morning running down the shore, you will make up for it later by getting into a competitive beach volleyball game with friends. Seriously, you don’t care which beach you go to, as long as there’s a court! You’ll jump in the ocean to cool off, but it won’t be long before that turns into a challenge of who can swim the fastest to the nearest buoy! Go get them, you sporty islander!


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